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Data supporting the paper: Mechanical dissipation by substrate-mode coupling in SiN resonators

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posted on 19.07.2022, 14:13 authored by Matthijs de JongMatthijs de Jong, Richard A. Norte, Peter Steeneken, Andrea Cupertino, Malte ten Wolde, Simon Gröblacher

Data supporting the paper "Mechanical dissipation by substrate-mode coupling in SiN resonators" of M.H.J. de Jong, Malte A. ten Wolde, A. Cupertino, S. Gröblacher, Peter G. Steeneken and Richard A. Norte.

This zip file contains the individual figures of the publication, the (analyzed) data plotted in those figures and several (example) raw datasets. Also contained are the measurement and analysis scripts to obtain the raw and analyzed data, and several finite-element simulations as described in the publication. Detailed information is contained in the 'Readme.txt' file within the zip file.


Graphene Flagship Core Project 2

European Commission

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Horizon 2020 Framework Programme Award/Contract Number 17FUN05

NWO Start-up grant No 740.018.020





The zip file contains: - figures in .png and .pdf format - raw data files in .txt format - analysis scripts in .m (matlab) or .py (python) formats - analyzed data files in .csv format - finite-element simulation files in .mph format (COMSOL)


TU Delft, Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE), Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering (PME)