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This is the data archive of 4TU.Centre for Research Data founded by 4TU.Federation and member of Research Data Netherlands (RDNL). We store technical and scientific research data, mainly from the Netherlands.
Our (formerly default) general Terms of Use apply unless another licence is specified in the dataset's metadata.

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Data formats & tech stuff

NetCDF note to uploaders
Many datasets are formatted as netCDF. We offer NetCDF through OPeNDAP for additional benefits. netCDF logo
Other formats
We accept any file format but open, stable and well documented formats are preferred. We will keep data in these formats usable in the long term by migration to newer formats.
list of preferred formats.
Datasets may be stored as a zipped bagit archive that can contain data in any format.
Datasets receive a DOI, providing durable links and citability.
Linked Open Data
Each item has a OAI/ORE (rdf) description and dataset pages have embedded json-ld metadata. ORE logordf of this page