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Regeneration of zeolites used for ammonium removal from anaerobic groundwater

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posted on 25.06.2013, 00:00 by Y. (Yvonne) Mikkers
This research focuses on the chemical regeneration of zeolites which have been used to remove ammonium from anaerobic groundwater. The main goals hereby have been: - The determination of the effect of multiple regeneration on the ion -exchange capacity of the zeolites - The testing of the effectiveness of two types of regenerant: NaOH and NaCl - To see whether it is possible to reduce the amount of chemicals used for regeneration by reusing the regenerant.



De Vet, W.W.J.M.; Gascon, J.; Heijman, S.G.J.; TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geoscience, Department of Watermanagement; Van Dijk, J.C.


TU Delft


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