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Benchmark experimental and numerical database on transitional cavity flow

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posted on 09.11.2021, 10:56 authored by Andrea SciacchitanoAndrea Sciacchitano, fausto arpino, gino cortellessa

We present an experimental benchmark database for the transitional cavity flow. The database is obtained by planar Particle Image Velocimetry measurements at the median plane of the cavity model, for Reynolds numbers between 6,300 and 19,000 based on the cavity height. A detailed uncertainty analysis of the experimental results is performed via the correlation statistics method for PIV uncertainty quantification and linear error propagation.

The data contain the following variables:

- x/H and y/H: locations (relative to the cavity H) in the streamwise and transverse directions, respectively

-u, v: streamwise and transverse velocity components, respectively. These quantities are normalized with respect to the free-stream velocity.

- TKE: turbulent kinetic energy. The TKE is normalized with respect to the square of the free-stream velocity.

- Rxy: shear Reynolds stress. Rxy is normalized with respect to the square of the free-stream velocity.

- Uncertainties of the above quantities (also normalized)

- isValid: parameter that assumes the value 1 for valid vectors and 0 for invalid vectors.




Time coverage

Data acquired in 2018


The data are in .dat format, whereby the headers specify the variables that are contained in each file. The names of the files correspond to the figures in the journal paper. Additionally, the Tecplot 360 EX 2018 R1 packaged data (.lpk format) are also provided for the data visualization in Tecplot.


TU Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Department of Aerodynamics, Wind Energy, Flight Performance & Propulsion (AWEP); University of Cassino and Southern Latium, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering