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Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Intrusion Dataset v2

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posted on 14.11.2019 by Guillaume Dupont, Alexios Lekidis, J. (Jerry) den Hartog, S. (Sandro) Etalle
This dataset contains automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) bus data from three systems: two cars (Opel Astra and Renault Clio) and from a CAN bus prototype we built ourselves. Its purpose is meant to evaluate CAN bus Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS). For each system, the dataset consists in a collection of log files captured from its CAN bus: normal (attack-free) data for training and testing detection algorithms, and different CAN bus attacks (Diagnostic, Fuzzing attacks, Replay attack, Suspension attack and Denial-of-Service attack).



TU Eindhoven, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


4TU.Centre for Research Data


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