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The Effects of Chemical Interactions and Culture History on the Colonization of Structured Habitats by Competing Bacterial Populations: Data Set

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posted on 2014-05-03, 00:00 authored by Simon van VlietSimon van Vliet, F.J.H. (Felix) Hol, T. (Tim) Weenink, P. (Peter) Galajda, J.E. (Juan) Keymer
We explored the colonization of a patchy ecosystem by two neutrally labeled, but otherwise isogenic, strains of Escherichia coli. One-dimensional arrays of habitat patches linked by connectors were inoculated at opposite ends by two fluorescently-labeled strains, and the colonization was studied by time-lapse microscopy. We focussed on the degree of reproducibility of the resulting colonization patterns and on the interactions between the two populations during the colonization process.



TU Delft


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