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Supplementary data for Path Instabilities of a Freely Rising or Falling Sphere

The data in this repository is the experimental data accompanying the figures presented in the article "Path Instabilities of a Freely Rising or Falling Sphere" published in International Journal of Multiphase Flow. 

The experiments were carried out during the period of the Master thesis (December 2018 - November 2019) of Shravan K.R. Raaghav. The experiments were performed at the Lab of Aero- and Hydrodynamics at Delft University of Technology. This work was supervised by Dr.ir.Wim-Paul Breugem and co-supervised by Prof.dr.ir.Christian Poelma. The details regarding the experimental campaign and data processing can be found in the research article and the underlying Master thesis.





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TU Delft, Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3ME), Laboratory for Aero & Hydrodynamics, Process & Energy Department