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Experimental data of Deposition patterns around buildings at the beach: effects of building spacing and orientation

posted on 14.01.2022, 07:54 authored by Daan PoppemaDaan Poppema, Kathelijne M. Wijnberg, Jan P.M. Mulder, S.J.M.H. (Suzanne) Hulscher
Experimental data of scale experiments performed at the beach to determine the effect of building configurations on the deposition patterns around buildings.

Experiments were performed with scale models of 0.5x1x0.5m (WxLxH), placed at the beach for approximately 1 day. Aspects examined are:
- Building orientation to the wind
- Building spacing
- Combinations of building orientation and spacing
- Effect of pile heigt for buildings on piling
- Effect of building group size

Deposition and erosion around buildings are measured using structure-from motion (SfM) photogrammetry. Data contains:
- Raw photos used for SfM photogrammetry
- Photogrammetry files
- Digital elavation models (DEMs) and orthophotos of the deposition and erosion around scale models.
- Time lapses of the the experiments
- Wind speed and direction measurements
- The length of the downwind deposition tails for the experiment on the effect of the building orientation to the wind


SHORESCAPE: Sustainable co-evolution of the natural and built environment along sandy shores

Dutch Research Council

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Time coverage

April 2019 - May 2019


Netherlands, Kijkduin, Sand Motor

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- Processed digital elevation models, orthophotos: .tif; .jpg - Length of deposition tails: .csv - Measurements wind speed and direction, sand transport: .csv - Timelapse: .mp4 - Overview and detail photos of set-ups: .jpg - Agisoft Metashape photogrammetry files: .psx - Photos used sfm photogrammetry: .jpg; .dng


University of Twente, Water Engineering and Management