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Data presented in the paper “Tropical biogeomorphic seagrass landscapes for coastal protection: persistence and wave attenuation during major storm events“

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posted on 29.05.2020, 00:00 authored by Rebecca JamesRebecca James, A. (Aaron) Lynch, P M J Herman, M.M. (Marieke) van Katwijk, T.J. (Tjeerd) Bouma
This dataset contains data collected in Saint Martin, Caribbean. Vegetation surveys were conducted before and after the 2017 Hurricane season in which category 5 Hurricane Irma directly hit the island. The 1D wave propagation model, XBeach, was used to model wave propagation over the seagrass meadow in Baie de L'embouchure in normal and hurricane-like conditions. Biomechanical measurements were conducted on the dominant seagrass and algae species within the meadow to investigate their tolerance to drag forces.


NWO, 858.14.063



Dijkstra, H. A. (Henk); Klees, R. (Roland); NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Estuarine and Delta Systems; Pietrzak, J. D. (Julie); Slobbe, C. (Cornelis); van Tussenbroek, B. I. (Brigitta) [orcid:0000-0002-6447-7479]; van Westen, R. M. (Rene); van der Boog, C. G. (Carine)


4TU.Centre for Research Data

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Saint Martin (island)

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