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CHASE-PL Forcing Data: Gridded Daily Precipitation & Temperature Dataset 5 km (CPLFD-GDPT5)

posted on 12.11.2015, 00:00 authored by T. (Tomasz) Berezowski, Mikołaj Piniewski, M. (Mateusz) Szcześniak, Ignacy KardelIgnacy Kardel, Michałowski R. (Robert)
Gridded Daily Precipitation & Temperature Dataset at 5 km resolution for the area of Poland enlarged by the Vistula and Odra basins, for the time period 1951-2013, developed within the CHASE-PL project This high-resolution (5 km) precipitation and temperature dataset CPLFD-GDPT5 was constructed with the purpose of using it for regional- to local-scale earth system modelling, in particular for hydrological modelling and as a reference dataset for climate change impact assessments. A number of geostatistical techniques (kriging with elevation as external drift for temperature; combination of universal and indicator kriging for precipitation) were applied to construct it. Raw input data (daily station-based time series) were acquired from various providers: IMGW-PIB, DWD, ECAD, NOAA-NCDC. Three variables (precipitation, minimum and maximum temperature) are available at three temporal aggregations (daily, monthly and annual). Nine NetCDF files, each for the period 1951-2013, are made available.



Mezghani, A. (Abdelkader) [orcid:0000-0003-2825-5884]; Okruszko, T. (Tomasz)


Warsaw University of Life Sciences WULS-SGGW

Time coverage



Union of Poland and the Vistula and Odra (Oder) river basins

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