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Artificial Social Agent Questionnaire Instrument

posted on 08.11.2022, 11:59 authored by Siska FitrianieSiska Fitrianie, Merijn Bruijnes, Fengxiang Li, Amal AbdulrahmanAmal Abdulrahman, Willem-Paul BrinkmanWillem-Paul Brinkman

We present the ASA Questionnaire, an instrument for evaluating human interaction with an artificial social agent (ASA), resulted from multi-year efforts involving more than 100 Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) researchers worldwide within the OSF work-group of Artificial Social Agent Evaluation Instrument (https://osf.io/6duf7/). It has 19 measurement constructs constituted by 90 items, which capture more than 80% of the constructs identified in empirical studies published in the IVA conference 2013-2018.  In addition, a representative item of each construct or dimension was selected to create a 24-item short version of the ASA questionnaire. Whereas the long version is suitable for a comprehensive evaluation of human-ASA interaction, the short version allows quick analysis and description of the interaction with the ASA. To support reporting ASA questionnaire results, we also put forward an ASA chart. The chart provides a quick overview of agent profile.


The Dutch 4TU - Humans and Technology, Pride and Prejudice project.





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Department of Intelligent Systems, Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands; Utrecht University School of Governance, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands; Department of Management Science and Engineering, School of Business Administration, Northestern University, Shenyang, China;