Artifact for the Paper "Fast Verified SCCs for Probabilistic Model Checking"

doi: 10.4121/aff9f553-0e9e-4ec2-90e0-20c5b6152862.v1
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doi: 10.4121/aff9f553-0e9e-4ec2-90e0-20c5b6152862
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Hartmanns, Arnd; Kohlen, Bram; Peter Lammich (2023): Artifact for the Paper "Fast Verified SCCs for Probabilistic Model Checking". Version 1. 4TU.ResearchData. software.
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The artifact that backs up the data in our ATVA 2023 Paper titled "Fast Verified SCCs for Probabilistic Model Checking". This artifact contains the proof files for Isabelle/HOL. Running the proofs yields a LLVM implementation of Gabow's algorithm that can be compiled to a dynamic library. This artifact also contains a version of the Modest toolset that can use this library to replace the built-in SCC algorithm. Lastly, the artifact contains scripts that reproduce the results in the paper. The additional reference contains a link to browsable version of the artifact that allows proofs to be inspected without downloading anything.

  • 2023-08-21 first online, published, posted
.thy files
  • NWO Open Competition OCENW.KLEIN.311: Verified Probabilistic Verification
  • European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant code STG–677576) European Research Council
  • NWO VENI 639.021.754
University of Twente, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS), Formal Methods and Tools (FMT)


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