Ground Penetrating Radar dataset with ground-truth data of utility surveying activities

doi: 10.4121/96303227-5886-41c9-8607-70fdd2cfe7c1.v1
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doi: 10.4121/96303227-5886-41c9-8607-70fdd2cfe7c1
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ter Huurne, Ramon (2023): Ground Penetrating Radar dataset with ground-truth data of utility surveying activities. Version 1. 4TU.ResearchData. dataset.
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This dataset presents a comprehensive collection of subsurface utility surveying data acquired through Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) across thirteen construction sites in the Netherlands. Its primary aim is to offer scholars a diverse and valuable set of radargrams gathered under varying geophysical and infrastructural conditions, complemented by ground-truth information derived from trial trenches. The dataset comprises 125 surveying activities, each providing radargrams of the respective site, ground-truth information obtained through trial trenches, and a list of geophysical and infrastructural features. With this ground-truth dataset, researchers gain a resource to further explore and analyze GPR as a utility surveying method.

  • 2023-09-05 first online, published, posted
.sgy (radargrams); .png (survey maps, ground-truth); .csv (metadata); .pdf (codebook)
University of Twente, Department of Civil Engineering and Management, Construction Management and Engineering Group


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