Data for Remote Spacecraft Charge Sensing Experiments

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Bengtson, Miles; Wilson, K. (Kieran) (2019): Data for Remote Spacecraft Charge Sensing Experiments. Version 1. 4TU.ResearchData. dataset.
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This dataset is from an experimental campaign to study electron and x-ray emission from sample spacecraft surfaces. A target plate was fixed in the center of a vacuum chamber and irradiated with an electron beam. Secondary electrons were measured with a retarding potential analyzer. Bremsstrahlung and characteristic x-rays were measured with an x-ray detector. The ambient magnetic field was measured with a fluxgate magnetometer. The instrument suite was mounted on a rotating arm and swept around the target plate. The electron beam was located at an angle of -45 deg from the plate normal. The instruments were swept from an angle of -30 deg to approximately 90 deg.
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4TU.Centre for Research Data
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University of Colorado Boulder, Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department
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