UNITY: VR Package of a plausible future of bicycle assembly scenario in SAMXL

doi: 10.4121/17425565.v1
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doi: 10.4121/17425565
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Pak Long Cheung; Aschenbrenner, Doris; Jasper Henny (2021): UNITY: VR Package of a plausible future of bicycle assembly scenario in SAMXL. Version 1. 4TU.ResearchData. software. https://doi.org/10.4121/17425565.v1
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"Futures is a topic that is inherently fuzzy, as everything beyond this moment can potentially happen. The uncertainty that is related to futures makes it not only difficult to imagine and convey, but also challenging to study.”

The software includes two folders. The “SAMXL_FowGame_V1” folder contains all the assets that was initially build by TUDelft. This game consists out of a short general introduction, the Future of Work scenario as imagined by the RoboFiets project, and a short ending.

The build was used for an explorative study, where the potential for using Virtual Reality as a foresight tool and research tool is discussed and evaluated. The “ExtendedIntro_ShortenedGame_V1.6f” folder contains all the assets of the final version of the game, created and used during this explorative study:

A degree of presence, immersion or flow, prompted by (perceived) interactivity, was concluded to be required in order for VR to be used as a tool for futures studies. In order to achieve this, a tutorial has been added in the introduction; refined and reiterated through iterations, in order to ease players into virtual reality more comfortably and enhance their feeling of immersion and presence (in the mediated environment). In the (re)developed introduction, basic interaction controls are explained interactively and in detail. Furthermore, the context of play is set so the future of work scenario story-line can be conveyed more effectively.

The software runs best on Unity version 2019.4.10, played on a HTC Vive system with two controllers. A brief explanation of how scenes and interactions can be added into the game can be found here.

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