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Pietrzak, J.D. (Julie); Souza, A.J. (Alejandro); Horner-Devine, A.R. (Alexander) (2018): Strains data. Version 1. 4TU.ResearchData. collection.
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Near-Zandmotor location of wave-supported gravity flow measurements
The Strains (STRAtification Impacts Near-shore Sediment ) project was initiated by Julie Pietrzak (TUD), Alex Souza (then NOC, now at CINVESTAV), and Alex Horner-Devine (UW) in order to gain a better understanding of the impact of stratification, due to the Rhine River outflow, on sediment transport processes along the Dutch coast. The impact of the stratification due to the Rhine ROFI is key within this project. It is a joint-project between different institutions, Delft University of Technology, University of Washington, NOC, and CINVESTAV. Two measurement campaigns have been carried out as part of STRAINS, one was in winter 2013 (11/02 - 08/03) and one in autumn 2014 (17/09 - 28/10). Each campaign involved the deployment of two moorings and two or three frames located 2 and 6.5 km from the shoreline, 10 km north of the river mouth (near the Sand Engine). Datasets with salinity, temperature, pressure, velocities, suspended sediment concentration, particle sizes, bed ripples and near bed turbulence have been obtained. The data may only be used with joint permission from Julie Pietrzak, Alex Horner-Devine and Alex Souza. Please submit a request explaining what you would like to do with the data. We ask that any publications arising from our data cite our STRAINS papers (please see related publication).
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