SEAWAD: SEdiment supply At the WAdden Sea ebb-tidal Delta

Posted on 03.06.2019 - 00:00
SEAWAD aimed to gain new knowledge on the processes driving sediment transport and benthic species distribution in dynamic delta environments. A large-scale field campaign has been carried out on the ebb-tidal delta of Ameland Inlet, a basin of the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands. The dataset obtained from the field campaign consists of: (i) bathymetry data from single beam and multibeam measurements; (ii) flow, waves, sediment concentration, conductivity and temperature, bedforms and pressure; (iii) bed composition and macro benthic species from boxcores and vibrocores; (iv) discharge measurements through the inlet; (v) X-band radar; (vi) meteorological data.


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Delft University of Technology; Utrecht University; University of Twente (2019): SEAWAD: SEdiment supply At the WAdden Sea ebb-tidal Delta. 4TU.ResearchData. Collection.


4TU.Centre for Research Data


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