OCEANURB - the unseen spaces of extended urbanization in the North Sea

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Couling, N.R. (Nancy) (2019): OCEANURB - the unseen spaces of extended urbanization in the North Sea. Version 1. 4TU.ResearchData. collection. https://doi.org/10.4121/collection:OCEANURB
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The project investigates and maps spatial patterns in the North Sea, both the natural systems and those introduced through urbanization processes. The data-sets contain three types of data: GIS files for the geographical area of the North Sea according to themes (Seabed composition, Fish populations and Infrastructure), QGIS maps containing selected shape files and written reports for 4 Work Packages. The GIS files are the most recent versions available from different national sources or organisations, but together the collection covers the whole North Sea. The aim is to demonstrate the high levels of spatial occupation which have been reached by combined sectors in the North Sea, but which are difficult to perceive and have not been previously considered as “urban“ indicators.
  • 2019-05-23 first online, published, posted
  • 2020-07-17 revised
4TU.Centre for Research Data
TU Delft, Chair of History of Architecture and Urban Planning