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Source code of the SWAN model: Free Infragravity Waves in the North Sea

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posted on 12.07.2021, 11:22 authored by Dirk RijnsdorpDirk Rijnsdorp, Ad ReniersAd Reniers, M. (Marcel) Zijlema
This dataset contains the source code of the SWAN model (v41.31, http://swanmodel.sourceforge.net/) extended with an empirical source of free infragravity waves. This modified version of the SWAN model can be used to simulate the evolution of free infragravity waves in coastal/oceanic waters that are radiated from adjacent shorelines. The model can be applied to study the evolution of free infragravity waves at a regional to global scale, ranging from inland seas, marginal seas, to ocean basins. In an accompanying paper (10.1002/essoar.10506505.1), the model was used to understand the spatial and temporal variation of free infragravity waves in the North Sea.





TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Hydraulic Engineering