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ROOSTER: ROS package for robot fleet management

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posted on 2020-12-18, 14:03 authored by Denis ZatyagovDenis Zatyagov, Patrick Keesmaat, Neel NagdaNeel Nagda, Zoltan Rusák, Doris Aschenbrenner

Robot Optimization, Scheduling, Task Execution and Routing (Ro.O.S.T.E.R.) is a ROS (Robot Operating System) based open source project to develop a heterogeneous fleet management solution with task allocation, scheduling and autonomous navigation capabilities.

This software has been developed as part of the work at the 'Center of Design for Advanced Manufacturing' lab of TU Delft on the 'Collaborating and coupled AGV swarms with extended environment recognition' project funded by EIT Manufacturing.

Detailed documentation including architectural overview, installation instructions, license information and source code API documentation can be found here.


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TU Delft, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering