Matlab fault slip - Version (219.98 kB)
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Matlab files used to produce the figures in publication "Induced aseismic slip and the onset of seismicity in displaced faults"

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These Matlab files have been used to generate the plots for: Jansen, J.D. and Meulenbroek, B., 2022: "Induced Aseismic Slip and the Onset of Seismicity in Displaced Faults". Accepted for publication in the Netherlands Journal of Geosciences.

The main file is fault_slip_main.m. It contains a set of input parameters to compute and plot depletion-induced stresses and fault slip along an inclined fault for user-defined parameters. 

See the text file ReadMe.txt for further infromation.


NWO prorgamme 'DeepNL' (project number DEEP.NL.2018.046)





Matlab code (zip file)


TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Geoscience and Engineering