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Wind tunnel data set with a wing at all angles of attack

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posted on 10.05.2022, 08:10 authored by Ziqing MaZiqing Ma, Ewoud SmeurEwoud Smeur

This wind tunnel data set was collected at OJF in TU Delft. The aerodynamic forces and moments of a modified MH32 wing at all angles of attack for different flap deflections and 0%, 70% throttle settings are recorded in this data set. This data set should be valuable for the research on tailsitters, especially the impact of inverse flow on the tailsitters in the descending phase.

The repeated experiment data for 0% throttle on Feb 24, 2021 are also provided as a supplement to validate the accuracy of the measurements.




Time coverage

February 24-26, 2021


Open Jet Facility, TU Delft, NL


.txt files for readme and measurements


TU Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering