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Transcripts for Process Design for Digital Innovation Portfolio Management

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posted on 25.07.2022, 10:46 authored by Pranathi SrikrishnaPranathi Srikrishna

The research was conducted with Riwal Holding Group, a company who are specialists in providing solutions with aerial work platforms (AWP). The company has its headquarters in the Netherlands but operates in different parts of Europe, the Middle East and India. This research was carried out by studying Riwal's processes and their ambition to become a digital leader in the rental equipment business. Through this research Riwal (and other rental equipment companies) can adopt a process that can help in their digital innovation portfolio management (IPM). 

In order to better comprehend the topic at hand, the research issue was addressed utilizing a qualitative methodology that included triangulation techniques. In this study, information is gathered through desk research and interviews, which could lead to accurate and meaningful results. The interviews provided further evidence for the data gathered from the desk study. Additionally, the interviewing procedure revealed additional knowledge that was really pertinent and compelling, particularly from the viewpoint of an organization. Using the data gathered, a process was designed and tested. The process consists of theoretical models discovered from the desk research and was modified using the results obtained from the interviews. It was then tested within an organization. The limitations observed during the test were then addressed with suitable recommendations. 

The following data set is the transcripts of the interviews used in the research. 







TU Delft, Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management Riwal Holding Group, Dordrecht, NL