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Supporting data for Core Testing Method to Assess Nonlinear Behavior of Brick Masonry under Compression: A Comparative Experimental Study

posted on 19.02.2021, 17:06 authored by samira jafarisamira jafari, Rita EspositoRita Esposito, J.G. (Jan) Rots
This study investigates the applicability of the core testing method to assess the complete nonlinear behavior of masonry in compression. A comparative experimental approach was taken, where cylindrical cores with diameter of 100 and 150 mm as well as wallets of the same materials were subjected to the compressive loading. In total seven different masonry objects were investigated. A detailed information regarding the compression properties of each object is provided.



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TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Materials, Mechanics, Management and Design