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Supplementary data for the paper: Simultaneous orientation and 3D localization microscopy with a Vortex point spread function

posted on 02.10.2020, 13:33 authored by Christiaan HullemanChristiaan Hulleman, Rasmus ThorsenRasmus Thorsen, S. (Sjoerd) Stallinga, B. (Bernd) Rieger
This dataset contains data collected as part of the development of the Vortex PSF. It consists of raw data to calibrate the aberrations over the field-of-view, verify the vortex PSF model, visualise transitions in orientation and perform Binding-Activated localization microscopy and orientation estimation on lambda-DNA. A drift corrected and non drift corrected processed lambda-DNA dataset is also included to show the possible parameters that one can visualize over the whole field-of-view.

The dataset is being made public both to act as supplementary data for publications and in order for other researchers to use this data to verify and develop the method and code.

Any reuse of this data should cite the original associated publication.


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European Research Council

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TU Delft, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department of Imaging Physics