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Source code and dataset of dissertation ‘Wave propagation in mechanical metamaterials’

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posted on 02.10.2019, 00:00 by Yujie ZhouYujie Zhou
The datasets contains all three parts of the dissertation ‘Wave propagation in mechanical metamaterials’. The first part is about the topological rotor chains, corresponding to Chapter 1, 2 and 3 of the dissertation. The work is done via Mathematica 10. The notebooks contain the code and figures. The content is about plotting the chain model, calculating the (anti)kink configuratioin, the propagtation and impurity scattering, and plot phase diagram for the scattering result. The second part is about the kagome lattice, corresponding to Chapter 4 and 5 of the dissertation. The work is done via Python 2. The content is about plotting the kagome lattice, and calculating its bandstructure and spectrum, the defect mode frequency and the tight-binding model parameters. The third part is about the slack string, corresponding to Chapter 6 of the dissertation. The work is done via C++ and Python 2. The content is about performing molecular dynamics simulation of the transverse wave propagation in a tension-free string of masses and springs for various external driving velocities, reading the data transverse wave fronts vs time, and calculating the front velocity, and plotting the graph of front velocities vs external velocities. The three folders contain these three part respectively. Each folder of the second and the third part has a readme about the specific function of the files.



Institute-Lorentz for Theoretical Physics, Leiden University


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