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Robustness of Majorana bound states in the short junction limit

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posted on 06.01.2017, 00:00 by D.C. (Doru) Sticlet, Bas NijholtBas Nijholt, A.R. (Anton) Akhmerov
Code and resulting data underlying the paper “Robustness of Majorana bound states in the short junction limit”. In this research we have studied the effects of strong coupling between a superconductor and a semiconductor nanowire on the creation of the Majorana bound states, when the quasiparticle dwell time in the normal part of the nanowire is much shorter than the inverse superconducting gap. See for usage instruction of the code and data



Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft, Delft University of Technology


TU Delft

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