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Research Data - Toward Business Models for a Meta Platform: Exploring Value Creation in the Case of Data Marketplaces

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posted on 16.09.2022, 12:21 authored by Antragama Ewa AbbasAntragama Ewa Abbas, Hosea Ofe, Anneke ZuiderwijkAnneke Zuiderwijk, Mark de Reuver

This is supplementary material for the manuscript entitled "Toward Business Models for a Meta-Platform: Exploring Value Creation in the Case of Data Marketplaces." This paper explores value creation of a meta-platform in the case of data marketplaces. We interviewed fourteen data-sharing consultants and six meta-platform experts. This data consists of : 1) an overview of participants of our twenty semi-structured interviews, 2) four possible scenarios of a meta-platform for data marketplaces, 3) the interview protocol, and 4) the relation between data structure and interview excerpts. The type of the data is a PDF document. 


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