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R code and data for paper: Upgrading ammonia-nitrogen from manure into body proteins in black soldier fly larvae

posted on 18.03.2022, 07:51 by A. (Alejandro) Parodi, Qifa Yao, W.J.J. (Walter) Gerrits, Maryia Yu. Mishyna, Catriona M. M. Lakemond, Dennis Oonincx, J.J.A. (Joop) van Loon
The aim of the study was to quantify the incorporation of ammonia (NH3)-nitrogen into black soldier fly body mass. For that we performed an experiment in which black soldier fly was reared in pig manure enriched with the isotope 15N in NH3. Larval samples were then analyzed for the presence of 15N. The outcome of this study contributes to quantify the potential of BSFL for manure management and as a circular protein source.





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