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Numerical model data underlying the publication: The evolution of plume fronts in the Rhine region of freshwater influence

posted on 05.07.2021, 14:16 authored by Sabine RijnsburgerSabine Rijnsburger, R.P. (Raúl) Raul Flores, J.D. (Julie) Pietrzak, A.R. (Alexander) Horner-Devine, A.J. (Alejandro) Souza, Firmijn ZijlFirmijn Zijl

This data set presents numerical model data that has been used in the study "the evolution of plume fronts in the Rhine region of freshwater influence". We used the numerical FLOW module of Delft3D. The model domain covers the southern North Sea by using four nested grids: course, intermediate, fine, extra-fine. This model is an adjusted version of the ZUNO-DD model created by Deltares. The two selected model periods, a calm neap and spring period, coincide with the STRAINS experiment off the Dutch coast in September 2014. The model output contains waterlevel, salinity, temperature, four tracer concentrations, vertical eddy viscosity, horizontal and vertical velocities. The model data is in the time zone UTC+1 and the coordinates are in the Rijks-Driehoek (RD) system, which is a Dutch coordinate system. The vertical grid consists of twenty non-equidistant sigma layers. Additionally, front trajectories and frontogenesis terms are uploaded too (corresponding to Figures 11, 14 and 15).


STW 12682 | Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research




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Southern North Sea


TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geoscience, Department of Hydraulic Engineering; Deltares