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NIOZ racetrack sand-shell experiment, data belonging to the paper: Sediment shell-content diminishes current-driven sand ripple development and migration

posted on 05.10.2021, 12:20 authored by Chiu H. ChengChiu H. Cheng
Data collected from racetrack flume experiments conducted at NIOZ - Yerseke, the Netherlands. The experiment investigated the effect of shells within medium sand on ripple dynamics. Time-lapse photos, GoPro video footage and ADV measurements were taken from the two separate experiments: Constant flow experiment (6 treatments) and Acceleration (ACC; 11 treatments) flow experiment.


SANDBOX ? Smart and sustainable design for offshore operations in a sandy seabed, werkpakket Hulscher

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

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Footprint: effects of offshore wind farms on sediments in the Coastal North Sea.

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

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Time coverage

October 2019 to December 2019


Yerseke, the Netherlands (NIOZ laboratory)


NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Department of Estuarine and Delta Systems; Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen Marine Research