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Isotope depth profiles of grass and bare soil, Botanical Garden, Delft, The Netherlands

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posted on 02.07.2015, 00:00 by T.H.M. (Tim) van Emmerik, Miriam CoendersMiriam Coenders, J. Wenninger
Stable water isotopes (2H and 18O) measurements at different depths in the soil for grass and bare soil. From 9/11/2010 until 25/06/2011 soil water was sampled at 5 depths below the surface (-6,6 cm; 13,2 cm; 19,8cm; 26,4cm; 33cm) in a lysimeter (see Sutanto et al, 2012) . There were 2 setups: 1 bare soil and 1 grass. 1 ml of water was extracted with a 30 ml syringe from the soil with Rhizon samplers. The water samplers were analysed on 2H/H and18O/16O with the LGR-isotope analyser (LWIA-24d). Location: Botanical Garden, Delft, The Netherlands. This dataset is interesting for evaporation partitioning studies. More details and explanation about the data can be found on the README tab (first worksheet) of the excel file



TU Delft, Department of Water Management; TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Water Management


TU Delft

Time coverage

2010-11 through 2011-06


Botanical Garden, Delft

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