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Input files underlying the the publication "PCR-GLOBWB 2: a 5 arcmin global hydrological and water resources model”

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posted on 27.11.2019, 00:00 authored by Edwin SutanudjajaEdwin Sutanudjaja, R. (Rens) van Beek, N. (Nico) Wanders, Yoshihide Wada, Joyce H C Bosmans, N. (Niels) Drost, R.J. (Ruud) van der Ent, I.E.M. (Inge) de Graaf, J.M. (Jannis) Hoch, K. (Kor) de Koning, D. (Derek) Karssenberg, P. (Patricia) López López, S. (Stefanie) Peßenteiner, O. (Oliver) Schmitz, M.W. (Menno) Straatsma, E. (Ekkamol) Vannametee, D. (Dominik) Wisser, M.F.P. (Marc) Bierkens
The folder "pcrglobwb2_input" contains global-extent input files, e.g. meteorological forcing data and model parameters, for running PCR-GLOBWB model (Sutanudjaja et al., 2018, {}). PCR-GLOBWB is a hydrology and water resources model developed at Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University, intended for global and regional applications. Using the input files in the folder "pcrglobwb2_input", global-extent PCR-GLOBWB model runs can be performed at the spatial resolutions of 5 arcmin (~10 km at the equator) and 30 arcmin (50 km). As examples, some 5 arcmin simulation output files are given in the folder "example_output". The model codes of PCR-GLOBWB are open source and available on {}. Please refer to Sutanudjaja et al. (2018) and its reference list for further explanations about how the data were derived. The input files in the folder "pcrglobwb2_input" are basically the same as the ones shared on {} (Sutanudjaja et al., 2017). Yet, we have converted all PCRaster files to NetCDF format so that all input files can be accessed using OPeNDAP.



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