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Experimental modal validation of a semi-analytical method for assessing dynamic behaviour of flood gates

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posted on 2021-06-21, 12:51 authored by Martijn HelsdingenMartijn Helsdingen
The data is used for the validation of a semi-analytical model for submerged slender flexible gates that have an overhang. The wave flume at the faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology of Delft served as the basis for the experiments. First dry hammer tests were executed on two different gate types: Solid and Reinforced plate. After this the gate was subjected to hammer hits for different water levels. Water levels of 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.56 and 0.6 meters were tested.

Finally regular wave impact experiments were done for two different water levels: 0.56 m and 0.60 m. In total 5 different situations were tested in which for each test the wave height, wave period, wave length and skewness served as varying parameters.

The measurement devices that were used consist of strain gauges and accelerometers.

Experiments are executed in order to complete a master thesis with the following graduation committee:

Dr. Ir. Bas Hofland (Chair) - TU Delft
Ir. Orson Tieleman - TU Delft
Ir. Ermano de Almeida - TU Delft
Dr. Ir. Eliz-Mari Lourens - TU Delft


Dynamics of Hydraulic Structures (DynaHicS)

Dutch Research Council

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Time coverage

Januray 2021 - February 2021


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Delft University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering Department of Hydraulic Engineering Section of Hydraulic Structures and Flood Risks