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Dataset underlying the research of: a submerged cylindrical object in a liquid-solid fluidised bed - measuring local voidage and profile using a hydraulic weighing technique

posted on 12.03.2021, 10:06 by Onno KramerOnno Kramer
A new soft-sensor was developed to measure a hydraulics pressure gradient in a liquid-solid fluidised bed (LSF). LSF is frequently encountered in drinking water treatment processes, often to obtain a large liquid-solid interfacial surface area. A large surface area is crucial for optimal seeded crystallisation in full-scale softening reactors. Due to crystallisation, particles grow and migrate to a lower zone in the reactor which leads to a stratified bed. Larger particles adversely affect the surface area. To maintain optimal process conditions in the fluidised beds, information is needed about the distribution of particle size, local voidage and available surface area, over the reactor height. This data set contains 54 individual measurements of calciet pellets (0.8-0.9mm), (0.9-1.0mm) and a mixture (0.5-0.63mm+1.25-1.4mm) and 3 mm glass beads for various water flow rates.




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- Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Water Management - Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering,Department of Process and Energy - Waternet, Amsterdam - HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Institute for Life Science and Chemistry - Queen Mary University of London, Division of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering and Materials Science