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Dataset on induced emotions when listening to music

posted on 20.07.2021, 13:26 by Bernd KreynenBernd Kreynen
This dataset was generated as part of a master thesis, titled "Music Playlist Generation for Emotion Regulation: A Functional Component in the Individualized Music Intervention for Persons with Dementia". The full report can be found in the references and fully described the dataset and the experiment from which it stems.

A quick summary of the experiment and data:

The experiment
The experiment was conducted online. We had 22 participants who finished the experiment. The participants first answered some background questions. They then listened to four songs while answering some question relating to the songs. Before continuing to the next song they reported on their emotional state (through the AffectButton). After the four songs they answered some final questions.

The data
The data is divided into two comma separated value files. experimentData and songData. experimentData contains the experiment-level data for each participant. This includes the answers to the background questions and the reports on emotional states for example. songData concerns the song-level data and contains for example the answers to the questions that were asked while listening to a song. A full overview of all the columns and their datatypes is given in the thesis report linked in the references.







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