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Dataset corresponding to publication: "Effect of axially varying sandpaper roughness on bubbly drag reduction in Taylor–Couette turbulence "

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posted on 10.02.2021, 14:52 authored by Pim BulleePim Bullee, Dennis Bakhuis, Rodrigo Ezeta, Sander Huisman, Chao Sun, Rob LammertinkRob Lammertink, Detlef Lohse
This dataset contains measurement data from drag comparison experiments over rough, smooth, and partly rough walls in turbulent flows. A Taylor–Couette apparatus was used for the experiments, of which the inner cylinder was made rough by attaching sandpaper belts to it. By varying the width (indicated by s/d) of the sandpaper belts, and also the corresponding spacing between two belts, an axially varying pattern of a rough-smooth surface was created. The drag reducing effect of air bubbles is studied for the different surface roughness configurations.

See readme.txt file for more information regarding the dataset.


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