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Dataset belonging to: Bow thruster velocities at multiple bank slope configurations and the stability of slope material

posted on 07.07.2017, 00:00 authored by Roel van NoortRoel van Noort
The objective of this research was to extend and validate a method to determine hydraulic bed loads on slopes induced by bow thrusters and a method to determine the stability of slope material. In order to fulfill this objective scale model tests are conducted at the test facilities of Deltares. Velocity and stability measurements are performed during multiple test scenarios that contain variations in slope angle, axial distance and pile configuration. From the obtained data of the velocity measurements the time-averaged velocity and the turbulence intensities are determined. These values are compared to the theoretical values and a correction factor for the underestimation of the hydraulic bed load on a slope is defined. After that the consequences for a design of a slope protection are evaluated. Furthermore, for the stability tests it is determined what the critical slope velocity is. This is done for multiple criteria of initiation of motion. With these critical slope velocities a stability parameter for the stability relations can be determined that is applicable at situations similar to the scenario tested. These determined stability parameters are compared to the recommended stability parameters and the differences are evaluated.



TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Hydraulic Engineering; Vellinga, T. (Tiedo)


TU Delft


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