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Dataset about Port Research

posted on 2021-04-01, 13:17 authored by Zihui YangZihui Yang
After detemining that there is no direct connection to the port in the network diagram, get the direct connection distance between ports through the port.sol.com.cn、SeaRates.com and McDistance shipping calculation tool. If there is a big difference between the three query data, the average value method is used for optimization, get the table Port Distance.
Using the Floyd algorithm, the path between two ports in the port network graph is solved on the basis of the table Port Distance, there maybe multiple shortest paths between two ports, but this situation is not considered here, the only result will be the result of Python simulation, get the table Port Shortest Path.
After get the Port Shortest Path, calculate the value of the shortest path between two ports, get the table Port Shortest Path Value.
According to the shortest path between two ports, count the number of routes for each port, then use the K-Medoids, construting the model of strategic importance of ports, get the table The number of ports is crossed by the shortest path.
According to the principle of the Betweenness Centrality model, the Betweenness Centrality of each port in the whole network is obtained by the table Port Shortest Path, and then use the K-Medoids, get the table Port Betweenness Centrality.
The values and contents of the table The number of ports is crossed by the shortest path and the table Betweenness Centrality Group are combined together to get the table Total Group to facilitate data search.





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