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Data underlying the research on RICA: Rice Crop Calendar for Asia

posted on 21.12.2020, 13:40 authored by Bhogendra MishraBhogendra Mishra, Lorenzo Busetto, Mirco Boschetti, Alice G. Laborte, Andy NelsonAndy Nelson
This dataset "RICA: Rice Crop Calendar for Asia" contains (1) a shapefile (a data format used in many GIS) that shows administrative units and (2) a csv table that can be joined to the shapefile.

Shapefile - These units have been used in a spatial analysis of hypertemporal remote sensing information from MODIS images (2003-2016) to estimate start of season (SoS0 and end of season (EoS0 dates for rice crops in Asia. The file contains the names of the spatial units for country, region and sub region where available.

CSV file - The accompanying csv file contains the SoS and EoS dates which can be joined to this shapefile using the OBJECTID attribute in the shapefile table. The tables contains the number of detected seasons (N), the proportion of detections (prop), the mean day of year of SoS and EoS and the standard deviation of the SoS and EoS dates.




Time coverage




Geolocation Longitude

60 to 180

Geolocation Latitude

55 to -20


Shapefile and csv file


1 Department of Natural Resources, ITC - Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente; 2 Science Hub, Kathmandu, Nepal; 3 Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment, Italian National Research Council, Via Bassini 15, Milan 20133, Italy; 4 International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines