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Data underlying the research on Motivation perspectives of citizens of the municipality of Delft with regard to open data as a means to improve policy and decision-making

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posted on 2019-06-28, 00:00 authored by Mirjam van den BoogertMirjam van den Boogert
These datasets are part of a research on open data in the municipality of Delft. The research is focused on motivation perspectives of citizens to engage in democratic processes by using open data. By doing this, the municipality can adapt their policy on open data to the characteristics of (potential) users and the wishes of the citizens. To identify these motivation perspectives, Q-methodology was used. A survey was used that asks participants to rank a number of statements. The survey that is made is spread among citizens of Delft. In total, 22 people participated in the survey. The gathered data is used to conduct a factor analysis and identify motivation perspectives among citizens of Delft. These datasets contain the gathered Q-sorts and the conducted analyses.



TU Delft, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management


4TU.Centre for Research Data




Delft (municipality)


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