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Data underlying the publication 'Uptake and toxicity of polystyrene micro/nanoplastics in gastric cells: Effects of particle size and surface functionalization'

posted on 24.11.2021, 07:24 authored by Amrita BanerjeeAmrita Banerjee, Lloyd O. Billey, Weilin L. Shelver
This dataset is for figures in the paper entitled 'Uptake and toxicity of polystyrene mico/nanoplastics in gastric cells: Effects of particle size and surface functionalization'. The objective of the study was to determine if toxicity of polystyrene nanoplastics/microplastics in human gastric cells is dependent on particle size, surface functionalization, dose and exposure period. For the study, polystyrene particles of sizes 50 - 5000 nm with amine, carboxyl or no surface functionalization were used. Human gastric SNU-1 cells were treated with the particles for 4 or 24 h and toxicity of the particles was measured using various assays. Smaller particles (50 nm) were found to be most toxic to the cells, irrespective of surface functionalization. Positive surface charge (amine surface functionalization) increased acute toxicity in the cells.





United States Department of Agriculture - Agriculture Research Service, Fargo, ND, USA

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