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Data underlying the publication: Non-invasive prototype for type 2 diabetes detection

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posted on 27.10.2021, 13:38 authored by Adrian ValenciaAdrian Valencia

An average of 5 impedance measurements were taken in the upper part of each person's forearm using the data acquisition device and an API, which together were called BDD (Bioimpedance Diabetes Detector). This database consists of 256 samples and 20 characteristics, the participating population was 53 people, including 34 women and 19 men, the age range was between 19 and 76 years. The people participating in this project are diabetic patients from the San Juan de Dios hospital in the city of Cali - Colombia and the approval of the ethics committee of the said institution was obtained through the act CEIHSJ001-019.

Each patient signed an informed consent document so that they were aware of the procedure that was going to be performed with the electrical bioimpedance measurement equipment. Diabetic and non-diabetic patients were properly diagnosed by a doctor, with this scientifically ensuring that the study population is consistent and meets the relevant inclusion criteria. Among the participants were 20 people diagnosed with type II diabetes.

The headers mean the following:

I: Person’s impedance value at the frequency followed by the I.

P: Person’s Phase value at the frequency followed by the P.

R: Person’s Real Phase value at the frequency followed by the R.

IM: Person’s Imaginary value at the frequency followed by the IM.

age: Person’s age in years.

gender: Person’s gender 0 for males a 1 for females.

weight: Person’s weight in Kg.

height: Person’s height in cm.

diabetes: Person’s diabetes diagnosis 0 for non diabetic and 1 for diabetic.


Dirección General de Investigaciones of Universidad Santiago de Cali, Award: No. 819-621717-018





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