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Data underlying the publication: Experiments on floating bed rotating drums using magnetic particle tracking

posted on 17.02.2021, 10:34 by Tim NijssenTim Nijssen, Mark van Dijk, Hans Kuipers, Jan van der Stel, Allert Adema, Kay Buist
Magnetic Particle Tracking (MPT) was employed to study a rotating drum filled with cork particles, using both air and water as interstitial medium. This non-invasive monitoring
technique allows for the tracking of both particle translation and rotation in dry granular and liquid-solid systems. The data set spans two interstitial media, two filling degrees and four rotational velocities. These well-defined experiments and in-depth characterisation performed in this work provide an excellent validation case for multi-phase flow models.


This research was carried out under project number S16046 in the framework of the Partner- ship Program of the Materials innovation institute M2i (www.m2i.nl) and the Technology 230 Foundation STW (www.stw.nl), which is part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (www.nwo.nl).





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Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry; Tata Steel Europe