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Data underlying the paper: Does morality predict aggressive driving? A conceptual analysis and exploratory empirical investigation

posted on 19.03.2021, 09:47 authored by Tom van den BergTom van den Berg, Caspar ChorusCaspar Chorus, M. (Maarten) Kroesen
This dataset contains the data that were used for the analyses reported in the following published paper: van den Berg, T. G., Kroesen, M., & Chorus, C. G. (2020). Does morality predict aggressive driving? A conceptual analysis and exploratory empirical investigation. Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour, 74, 259-271.

In this study we investigated the relation between people's general moral values and level of aggressive driving behavior. We measured people's general moral values using the Moral Foundation Questionnaire (MFQ) (moralfoundations.org) and people's level of aggressive driving behavior by the Aggressive Driving Behavior Scale (ADBS) (Houston, Harris & Norman, 2003). For entering the MFQ-items in the analysis we used the original 5 component structure that is given by the theoretical framework and computed sumscores for each of the 5 moral dimensions. These variables were included as the independent variables together with the control variables of age, gender, and education in a hierarchical linear regression model, where the control variables were entered first. For the ADBS-items, using principal component analysis, we found that our data produced a three component solution indicating three dimensions of aggressive driving: Speeding/ rushing; aggressive communication; thwarting. Somscores were computed for each variable and these were entered as the dependent variables in the linear regression model.


New discrete choice theory for understanding moral decision making behaviour

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