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Data underlying the Master thesis: Rogue waves in the Dutch North Sea - An experimental study into the occurrence of extreme waves due to abrupt depth transitions at future offshore wind farm locations along the Dutch coast

posted on 01.04.2021, 06:19 by Madelief DoelemanMadelief Doeleman
A data set of physical experiments collected at the Hydraulic Engineering laboratory at TU Delft for a study about the probability of occurrence of rogue waves. Idealised wave fields, with a Gaussian spectrum, are generated and measured over the whole flume length with wave gauges, velocity meters and a laser scanner. In addition this data set includes wave groups propagating through an empty flume. Also, a method to adjust sub-harmonic paddle signals is included.




Time coverage

December 2020 - January 2021


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TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Hydraulic Engineering