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Data of two sites in Somalia underlying the paper: Multistability of model and real dryland ecosystems through spatial self-organization

posted on 28.10.2021, 11:21 authored by Olfa JaïbiOlfa Jaïbi
For both sites, topographical data was retrieved from the ALOS World 3D 30m (AW3D30, v. 2.1) digital raster elevation model. This model describes the height above sea level (in m, rounded to the nearest integer), at a ground resolution of approximately 30m at the equator. The elevation data was preprocessed for the removal of artifacts by applying a global soft-thresholding on its dual tree complex wavelet transform. Specifically, we set a threshold of 0.9 on the first five dual-tree complex wavelet transform levels. From the preprocessed data, we calculated the slope gradient (in %) and slope aspect (in degrees). We first extracted square DEM windows of 33 by 33 cells (i.e. approximately 990m × 990m), centered on the image windows. We then applied a least squares fitting procedure of an unconstrained quadratic surface on the unweighted elevation values. This gave the following datasets.





The Haud pastoral region, Somalia; The Sool-Plateau pastoral area, Somalia


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