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Data from a survey of non-invasive sensors for monitoring animal welfare

posted on 30.01.2020, 00:00 by C. (Claudia) Kamphuis, W. (Wijbrand) Ouweltjes, J. (Jose) Gonzales Rojas, A. (Anouk) van Breukelen
This project focusses on (1) the application of sensor information for automated monitoring of animal health and welfare, and (2) the potential on non-invasive sensors on-farm. Increasing developments within the precision dairy farming domain includes the development of non-invasive sensors that generate unstructured data (video, camera images, thermal images, sound etc.). These non-invasive sensors offer potential to monitor traits linked to animal health and welfare, without interfering with their normal behaviour. This dataset compiles a list of non-invasive sensors applicable in livestock farming.


LNV, KB-38-001-008



Wageningen Bioveterinary Research; Wageningen Livestock Research; Wageningen University and Research


4TU.Centre for Research Data

Time coverage

Survey collected data till Nov 2019


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