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Data for paper Designing Quantum Networks Using Preexisting Infrastructure

posted on 13.07.2021, 11:33 by Guus Avis, Julian Rabbie, S.D.C. (Stephanie) Wehner, Kaushik Chakraborty
This is the data corresponding to the paper Designing Quantum Networks Using Preexisting Infrastructure. It contains data for parameter scans over different parameters that go into our method for solving the Repeater Allocation Problem and for the computation duration as a function of network size. In both cases, sample networks were generated as random geometric graphs. More information about the methodology can be found in the paper.

All data is in CSV format. Additionally, one python file is included that can be used to create plots based on the parameter-scan data (i.e. scan_D-(...).csv, scan_Lmax-(...).csv and scan_K-(...).csv).

The python code used to generate the data can be found in the this GitHub repository: https://github.com/jtrabbie/RepAlloc .


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