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Data belonging to the paper: Recovery from whole body angular momentum perturbations during walking

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posted on 15.07.2022, 12:05 authored by Michelle van MierloMichelle van Mierlo, Jolien Ambrosius, Mark Vlutters, Edwin van Asseldonk, Herman van der Kooij

This dataset contains gait data used to produce the results of the paper: 'Recovery from whole body angular momentum perturbations during walking'. An extensive description of the methods can be found in the paper. 10 healthy participants walked on a treadmill while receiving perturbations of the whole body angular momentum at the moment of toe off right. Meanwhile ground reaction forces and optical motion capture was recorded. The dataset contains the following measures: whole body angular momentum, whole body centre of mass velocity, centre of pressure position, horizontal ground reaction force, moment arm of the ground reaction force with respect to centre of mass, the interaction forces between the motors applying the perturbations and the participants, and the joint moments of the hip, knee and ankle.


This work is part of the research program Wearable Robotics with project number P16-05, which is (partly) funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).









University of Twente, Department of Biomechanical Engineering